Assistant Professor
Department of Economic Geography
University of Groningen, the Netherlands


Real estate value and location are at the core of my work as an Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Urban Economics.

In 2019, I was awarded tenure and I have, before, held positions as a visiting scholar at the Gran Sasso Science Institute in l'Aquila and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris.

My research projects include joint efforts with scholars across four continents, people from the OECD, and international real estate companies. I have contributed knowledge of real estate and sustainable land use to various international policy working groups, all layers of the Dutch government, Statistics Netherlands, and various private actors.

Curriculum Vitae

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Research and publications

Selected ongoing and recent work

- Understanding risk in US real estate markets (analyzing USD 1 trillion worth of investments)

- Real estate markets and urban growth processes (unifying academic, public, and private perspectives and partners)

- Recently published: a study on the effect of asylum seeker centers on nearby house prices in the Netherlands (Journal of Housing Economics)

- Recently published: a study on the monetary and non-monetary valuation of green space using Amsterdam house prices (Ecological Economics)

In order to better monitor real estate markets, I am building an AI project. My project won the University of Groningen 2018 Data Science Tender and I am joyfully growing the team and international support. More news coming!

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