Assistant Professor 
Real Estate and Economic Geography
University of Groningen, 
the Netherlands

Understanding the economic value of real estate and urban-regional growth processes is at the core of my work. My work has been published in scientific journals such as Land Economics, Ecological Economics, Landscape and Urban Planning, Applied Geography, the Journal of Regional Science, and the Journal of Housing Economics.

I was a visiting scholar at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris and the Gran Sasso Science Institute in Italy and have been tenured since 2019. Currently, I serve on the Board of the Association for Real Estate Researchers Netherlands and as an Education Committee member of the American Real Estate Society.

I have contributed knowledge about real estate markets, spatial development, and sustainable land use to international policy organisations, major firms, and several Dutch governmental agencies.

Selected Recent Publications

“What Do Divided Cities Have in Common? An International Comparison of Income Segregation”, forthcoming in 2021, Journal of Regional Science (with A. Comandon, University of California, Los Angeles, M. A. Garcia-López, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and P. Veneri, OECD)

“The Effect of Asylum Seekers’ Reception Centers on Nearby House Prices: Evidence from the Netherlands”, 2019, Journal of Housing Economics (with P. Proietti, European Commission, and P. Veneri, OECD)

“Mixed Monetary and Non-Monetary Valuation of Attractive Urban Green Space: A Case-Study using Amsterdam House Prices”, 2019, 
Ecological Economics (with F. J. Sijtsma, University of Groningen, and P. Veneri, OECD)

Recent and Forthcoming (Invited) Talks

April 2020 (postponed), OECD, Paris

February 2020, “Building-Level Logistics Stock Analysis”, AEW Capital Management, Paris

December 2019, “The Effect Of Asylum Seeker Reception Centers On Nearby House Prices: Evidence From The Netherlands”, OECD-CEPII, Paris 

Selected Further Representation

National news covering my study of house prices near to new windparks

UN-Habitat – Euro. Comm. URBAN 2030 Meeting on Housing and Land

Co-authored OECD report Ch. 2 on spatial income segregation in cities