Michiel N. Daams, tenured Assistant Professor
Department of
Economic Geography
University of Groningen, the Netherlands




My work tends to blend disciplines and draws on expertise in the economics of real estate and land markets. Papers by me and my co-authors have been published in established journals such as Land Economics, the Journal of Regional Science, Landscape and Urban Planning, Ecological Economics, and the Journal of Housing Economics.

The involved analyses have informed reports by international policy organizations, multinationals in real estate and infrastructure investment, local to national news, Business Insider, the Dutch Parliament, and government agencies. Related insights carry over into the training of students in Geography and Planning across BSc, MSc, and PhD levels.

Presently I serve on the board of the Netherlands Association for Real Estate Researchers, in short VOGON, and on the Education Committee of the American Real Estate Society. As a visiting scholar and more recently as a consultant I have developed a range of (ongoing) studies with the OECD in Paris.

Profound Capital Shocks

This key research line examines the profound shock of the global financial crisis and provides a new understanding of investment risk across different types of cities and regions.

This international work draws on collaboration with key industry and policy partners (OECD) and is funded by the UKRI ESRC Productivity Institute.

Mapping Urban Growth

Some of my studies develop economically informative indicators that allow for a more consistent comparison of the growth and structure of cities in terms of land use.

Joint work with the OECD developed a machine learning tool for mapping and monitoring land use across countries.

Land Use and Well-Being

Several of my papers have quantified some of the softer though fundamental aspects to understanding the value of land or particular land use configurations.

Statistics Netherlands funded me as an advisor regarding the monetary valuation of natural capital, which is part of the agency's Sustainable Development Goal monitoring.