Assistant Professor 
Real Estate and Economic Geography
University of Groningen, 
the Netherlands

Understanding how real estate markets shape cities and their economies is what I work on. My research has been published in journals including Land Economics, the Journal of Regional Science, Ecological Economics, and the Journal of Housing Economics. 

As a visiting scholar, I have spent time at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris and the Gran Sasso Science Institute in Italy. Currently, I serve on the Board of the Association for Real Estate Researchers Netherlands and as an Education Committee member of the American Real Estate Society.

I actively collaborate with international organizations, firms, and governmental agencies. By extension, my analyses have been covered by, amongst others, the European Commission, Business Insider, the Dutch Parliament, Statistics Netherlands, CBRE, and the OECD.

You may find my most recent working paper "Capital Shocks and the Great Urban Divide" (with Philip McCann, Paolo Veneri, Richard Barkham, and Dennis Schoenmaker) here.